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Our goal is to provide a private membership community to connect African-American men who are founders, investors, engineers, designers, developers, or working for a startup inspiring each other become successful.
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The primary reason this group was started was as a support tool for African American males in tech. This could include anything from potential investment connections, employee leads, important events, or general business advice.

The system is based on TRUST first and foremost. The members of the group have some of the fastest moving career trajectories in Technology and will, on occasion, discuss private matters. Their honesty and continued involvement relies on mutual trust with all other members.Based on that, we have some very simple rules for the community:-     

  PRIVACY: The conversations that happen within the community, both as a group and individually, stay within the community. This especially applies to the #i-need-to-vent section of the site. The exception here is articles that are posted with the intent that they will be shared with others. -       

GIVING: The primary function of the group is to help each other achieve maximum success, not to take as much from the group for yourself as possible. Give more than you take.-       

NO SELLING: If you’re launching a product and want the community to know about it, that’s great! You should definitely share that with the rest of the members. But, this isn’t a deal-flow application. Those that direct message members with a goal of closing deals will be banned.
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